Children’s Issues

Child Custody

Termination of Parental Rights

Unfortunately, there are times when a parent just walks away or where a parent is simply unable to fulfill their duties as a parent. The law provides that the parental rights of such a parent can be terminated by court action. This process is designed to protect a child from actions by a legal parent who may not be able or willing to properly act in the interests of the child. Our attorneys and staff have handled many such actions and will carefully advise you on the appropriate action to take.


It is a wonderful thing when a child without parents or a child with only one parent finds someone to care for them. Our lawyers and staff are experienced in the procedures necessary to complete the adoption process and will bring this experience to your case.

Representation of Children

Arizona law permits children who are the subject of custody or visitation disputes to have their own attorney. Permitting a child to have an attorney of their own give the child a little bit of power in a situation where they are often otherwise powerless. A child’s attorney is responsible to advocate on behalf of the child’s needs, desires and intrests. A child’s attorney can help to ensure that the Court and the parties do not get distracted by the sensitive issues in such litigation, but rather remain focused on the most important aspect of that process, the child. Our attorneys have represented dozens of children in this process and can bring that experience to help your child through this very difficult experience.

Child Custody & Visitation

When parents cannot agree on child custody and visitation matters, those issues immediately become of the greatest concern. Often, a court’s first order does not fully resolve the concerns and custody issues can continue to create problems long after the first order is entered. Achieving workable arrangement for your child’s custody and visitation are vital for your happiness and your child’s growth and success.

Parents should realize that the court’s first orders and the parents’ initial decisions about custody and visitation can often form the basis of permanent arrangements. To protect your children’s interests as well as your rights, effective representation is necessary from the earliest stage of the process. We are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their child custody and visitation goals and will work to achieve the best possible solution for you and your children.

Our firm represents clients in matters involving:

  • Child custody
  • Visitation and parenting plans
  • Modifications in custody and visitation
  • Child relocation
  • Paternity as it relates to visitation rights


Arizona Law limits the rights of some parents to move their children outside of the State without the permission of the other parent. When these things cannot be agreed, parents can find themselves in court seeking the permission of a judge to move outside the state. These matters are delicate and often involve high stakes, such as educational and employment opportunities. Our attorneys and staff have handled hundreds of situations involving the relocation of parents and can bring this knowledge and experience to your situation.

Grandparent & Non-Parent Rights

Arizona law now recognizes the rights of grandparents, step-parents and other persons who have had close relationships with children to seek rights to visitation and, in some cases even custody, over those children. Success in such cases requires a careful presentation of facts and a keen understanding of the law. Because the burden of proof in these cases is higher than in custody and visitation disputes between parents, these situations are complex and these cases can be difficult. Our attorneys and staff have handled numerous non-parent custody and visitation disputes and are intimately familiar with this area of the law and can bring this experience to your situation.


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