Partnership Planning

Divorce in Yuma

Premarital Agreements

Marriage is about more than just romance. Marriage is a partnership in which all aspects of a couple’s life become mingled together. Arizona law allows couples to manage this partnership by creating a partnership agreement, called a “pre-martial agreement” up front. Such an agreement allows couples to decide for themselves how they intend to treat their assets, income, and investments during their marriage. People think of a premarital agreement as “planning for a divorce,” but it is so much more. A premarital agreement allows couples to plan their life together and control the impact of the law on their lives. Done properly, a premarital agreement increases the security and openness of a couple’s marriage because they have thought about all of the aspects of their marriage from the beginning. Our attorneys and staff have crafted many such agreements and can provide sound advice and outstanding draftsmanship to create a premarital agreement that is both fair and enforceable.

Post-Marital & Separation Agreements

Even after the marriage has already occurred, couples can enter into agreements to manage their lives going forward. These agreements can cover anything from how they intend to manage a particular asset, to complete agreements for the separation of parties at the end of a marriage. If you are making agreements with your spouse about important issues, it is critically important to get those agreements in writing in a clear and enforceable way. Our attorneys and staff have prepared hundreds of such agreements and can bring that experience to meet your needs.


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